Your security—your culture

All the most technologically advanced systems and processes in the land won’t do you any good if they aren’t safeguarded by security measures to match, as well as the appropriate culture to support them. You know you need the best to help keep your sensitive data locked tight—cybersecurity is not an area to be skimped on.

As we’ve seen in recent years, hacking activity has the ability to threaten the very core of our democracy. So Royale takes its leadership position on cybersecurity very seriously. We operate on a safety first principle, employing best practices to mitigate our clients’ vulnerabilities and intervene in potential hacking calamities before they arise. No matter what your cybersecurity requests are, we have what it takes to fulfil them.

See something, say something

That one time somebody lets a red flag go unreported is all a sophisticated hacker needs to breach your data. It’s a mistake Royale will avoid at all costs under our auspices.

At the core of our cybersecurity offering are our Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing services. Deployed by our team of top tech-security personnel, the services identify system vulnerabilities, validate existing security measures, and provide a detailed remediation roadmap. We keep you fully informed at every stage—the only secrets to remain secure will be yours.

Royale provides to following types of tests:

  • Network Services
  • Web Applications
  • Remote Access
  • Social Engineering

Each test involves three key phases; planning, testing and reporting. The results are reported as Vulnerabilities and Recommendations, from which you can have us implement the desired security profiles.

The hidden benefits

The immediate benefits are clear. Get to know and deal with your network’s weaknesses, maintain regulatory compliance, work with confidence and peace of mind, and develop the trust of end-users by doing the right thing.

But there are other, less obvious benefits to your cybersecurity remediation through Royale.

Our transparent cost base and optionality give you the ability to match solutions to your budget. Old technology can be eradicated, saving the expense of its upkeep. Your organization’s agility improves, enabling you to dodge obstacles and seize opportunities more readily. Plus we guarantee to reduce your risk profile significantly, which in turn reduces your risk mitigation cost.

And of course, in Royale you are dealing with U.S. military veterans who are trained in, and respect the chain of command, and the sanctity of your information. We are your people, and we safeguard your sensitive data as if it were our own.

Your most important decision

Your first decision is your most critical—whom to trust with your cybersecurity needs. Not everybody in the tech industry can work to this level, and fulfil particular requests. It’s an exclusive realm, one in which Royale is comfortably at home.

In essence, whatever your cybersecurity needs, Royale has the capability and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us today

Embrace security culture before it’s too late. To learn more, or to request our cybersecurity services, simply email Royale.