Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


When computers act right, personnel act better

It’s the logical next step in digital technology. Computers are rapidly becoming less reliant upon constant human input to perform the tasks for which they were created. They can read, they can act, they can learn—and the data they generate can give their operators a significant advantage in their field of expertise.

This is especially true for the U.S. military and its associated government agencies. Royale, as a team of ex-military veterans, has a unique connection with and understanding of America’s armed forces. We have the experience and expertise to know how the emerging potential of AI can drive better decision-making and provide a safer arena for our troops.

There’s nothing artificial about better decisions

We design AI applications for myriad military situations. Deployed correctly, they can automate tasks and analyze data far quicker and more efficiently than boots on the ground. They can also be programmed to take certain actions, and, through machine learning and deep learning technology, constantly improve their performance.

The upshot is that you can fully trust your AI’s capabilities, and as a result make sound tactical decisions across all aspects of military operations.

Your mission, possible

Royale provides Government agencies and Healthcare clients with AI expertise to help achieve the following:

  • Autonomous vehicles for civilian and military purposes
  • Big-Data-driven modeling, simulation and wargaming exercises
  • Focused intelligence collection and analysis for various government agencies
  • Better health outcomes for healthcare providers and their patients
  • More efficient state and local government procedures through automation beyond the physical, greatly benefiting constituents

The practical applications of AI include, but are not limited to:

  • Battlefield healthcare needs/life-saving robotics
  • Threat monitoring and situational awareness/exquisite ISR
  • Efficient warfare platforms/AI-guided cyber
  • Locating enemy positions in combat environments/precision targeting

If you only want to work on AI projects once the roads are paved, you could be missing out on a whole lot of opportunities. The possibilities with Royale on your team include:

  • Training personnel in emerging AI technologies
  • Building a certified AI software repository for the U.S. military to support R&D and accelerate creation of new AI
  • Creating a database to track research and development projects within the U.S. military
  • Working with military leadership to adopt an open innovation model for the DoD to accelerate the Pentagon’s ability to create AI
  • Helping integrate AI-enabled applications into “all major joint and service exercises,” as well as war games and table-top exercises
  • R&D for compliance testing and verification of AI systems (because 90% of the entire AI pipeline is testing and validation and only 10% is implementation)

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